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anti-racist curriculum



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Celebrating the Contributions of African-Americans to the Elm City 

Enjoy a historic walk through beautiful Downtown New Haven. Lucretia, Amos Beman and Sally/Sarah Wilson are a few of the significant African Americans you will encounter on this Walking Tour. Tour Destinations Numbers 4 & 6 recount periods from the system of slavery and Number 5 highlights the prominent position Eugenics held with its corporate downtown office.  Designed for youngsters and adults alike, the fourteen tour destinations only begin to shed light on the accomplishments of New Haven's African American residents and the struggles they endured.

HISTORY IN COLOR: Anti-racist curriculum

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History In Color is constructed with teachers in mind.  We created Press and Play classroom weekly lesson plans.  These include engaging activities for the children after each lesson to concretize the learning. Embedded is a Social Emotional component to ease feelings and tensions that may arise during these lessons and dialogues about sometimes difficult historical facts.


Race is a difficult topic to address.  It has deep rooted sentiments and traumas associated with its use and language. As we work together to create a loving and inclusive world, we have created a book list for you to use with children and your family.  It is our hope that through early exposure and thoughtful conversations, we can combat racism by building a base of understanding of its meaning and implications. Please enjoy this specially curated list with your loved ones.

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